Philological School of Higher Education in Wroclaw (WSF), Poland, with nearly 2500 BA, MA students, specializes in humanities, mainly modern language studies: English, American, German, Spanish, Italian and Norwegian covering components of specialist languages (tourism, economy, business, law, medicine or environmental studies), foreign language teaching, translation and a PhD program in linguistics. The institution offers, both local and international students, a wide range of courses conducted in a language relevant to the philology by highly qualified international staff. Academic research at the Faculty of Philology is conducted within the field of humanities and focuses on linguistics, didactics and methodology, literary studies, culture studies and history. The institution’s goal is to provide education in the area of modern languages up to the best European standards and make its students and graduates respectful and aware of each culture’s uniqueness.

WSF boasts a high quality of education and internationalization. Those assets were recognized locally and internationally. In 2011 it was acknowledged by Polish Accreditation Committee - the grade ‘outstanding’. WSF has also obtained EU accreditation for its high international standards, confirmed by prestigious European awards: the ECTS Label in 2012, Diploma Supplement Label in 2013, European Language Label in 2014 and HR Logo granted in 2017. WSF, situated in the heart of a historical and vibrant city, with strong commitment to international students, has become a popular destination for Erasmus+ student. WSF constantly extends its international relations beyond Erasmus+ student and staff mobility program. In partnership with other European universities it develops and implements projects within Norway Grants and EEA Grants or Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships.