Theoretical and practical issues in gamification

The current monographic volume consists of twelve articles which have been prepared in a joint venture with the project GameIT: Gamestorming for Innovative Teaching realized by four European higher education institutions from Poland, Romania, Slovenia, and Norway. Introductory positions come from three invited authors and the following nine from participants who have taken part in the realization of the project.

Content of the publication

  • Preface:
    Notional and practical topics in gamification
  • Elżbieta Magdalena Wąsik:
    Play and game in the semiotic-communicational domains of culture
  • Zdzisław Wąsik:
    Playing games as a lived experience of pleasure in the knowledge acquisition about the world
  • Joanna Hardukiewicz-Chojnowska:
    The influence of game-based learning on the improvement of communication skills in English language learners
  • Mateja Bevčič, Sanja Jedrinović, Jože Rugelj:
    Learning outcomes, skills and competences achieved in using games
  • Ane Bergersen, Hege Gjerde Sviggum:
    Using games as a method for learning multicultural competence in teacher education
  • Dorota Jużwin:
    “Signing the pact with Devil Boruta” – Teaching Polish culture in the world of role-playing games
  • Małgorzata Bieszczanin:
    City game as a giant board game created by students for students under a teacher’s guidance
  • Eivind Rogne, Christina Løkslett:
    Roleplaying games and teaching: The interactive role of the teacher. RPG – entertainment or education?
  • Liliana Mâță, Venera-Mihaela Cojocariu, Gabriel Mareș:
    The game as a method of facilitating the higher education training process
  • Sanja Jedrinović, Mateja Bevčič, Jože Rugelj:
    A methodological guide on designing games and game scenarios
  • Ioana Boghian, Carmen Popescu, Cristina Cîrtiță-Buzoianu:
    Ways of implementing games in humanities
  • Anna Zasłona:
    GameIT: Gamestorming for innovative teaching – A retro- & prospective outlook on the project
  • Streszczenie:
    GameIT: Gamestorming for innovative teaching